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Explore the beauty of Japan's cherry blossoms through snacks!
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Matcha Cookie Rolls Assortment

$20 USD

Get ready to indulge in a matcha lover's dream with this Matcha Cookie Rolls Assortment!

Packed with the most popular treats from Tsujiri no Sato and Gion no Sato, this assortment is a matcha lover's paradise. The crispy, crunchy rice crackers are filled with rich matcha cream in Tsujiri no Sato, and the Gion no Sato features white cream in matcha rice crackers. Both are individually wrapped, making them perfect for sharing or as a delicious souvenir to take home. Trust us, one bite of these matcha cookie rolls and you'll be transported to the heart of Japan's tea culture!

Each box comes with 12 of each flavor.

Weight: 171g
Manufacturer: Tsujiri

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Regular price $20.00 USD
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